Angelo really does like these receivers?

The annual Bears Expo took place last weekend at Soldier Field. Of course, most of the buzz there centered on new quarterback Jay Cutler.

But there was an interesting sidebar, of course, centering on the Bears’ weak cast of wide receivers. According to a story in the Sun-Times, several attendees at the expo questioned Bears general manager Jerry Angelo on who, exactly, the prized new quarterback is supposed to throw to.

It’s a big question. Devin Hester isn’t really a number-one receiver, no matter what Angelo and head coach Lovie Smith say. And you can’t really tout the virtues of second-year receiver Earl Bennett when the receiver didn’t even make it onto the field last year.

But Angelo defended the team’s wide receivers under fan questioning. Maybe it’s all a smokescreen, and Angelo is furiously working the phones behind the scenes to find a new, veteran wide receiver.

For Cutler’s sake, I hope that’s the case. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bears starting the season with their rather sorry lot at receiver. And that’s too bad: These receivers can make any quarterback look ordinary.