Can this be the year when all five major teams make the postseason?

Here’s something that has never happened in Chicago sports history: All five of our major sports teams have never made the postseason in the same year.

It could — emphasis on that word “could” — happen this year, though.

Let’s look at our beloved teams: Both the Bulls and the Blackhawks have already made the playoffs. The Cubs look to be a lock in the ultra-weak National League.

That leaves the Bears and White Sox. With the addition of Jay Cutler, the Bears have a good chance to make the postseason. They still play in a fairly weak division. A top quarterback may be all they need.

But the White Sox? Oh, my. I love the White Sox. Always have. It pains me to watch this version. I have the sinking feeling that the Sox may be the one local team that makes 2009 a less than perfect sports year.