When will the calls for a “screamer” coach begin?

It’s happened every year since Mike Ditka was fired. So you know it’ll happen again during the Bears’ 2009 season: The calls will come in to local sports talk stations that the Bears need to hire a coach who screams, yells, swears and kicks things at his players.

People here still love Mike Ditka. Yes, the coach did win a Super Bowl. But he also squandered more talent than any Bears coach I can remember. All those regular-season wins were fun. But what about the playoffs? If you don’t count the 1985 Super Bowl year, Ditka put together a 3-6 record in the playoffs.

But still people pine for him. And every time the Bears of today lose a game, a certain portion of the fan base blames the fact that head coach Lovie Smith doesn’t scream or stomp his feet on the sidelines.

Now, I don’t think Smith is a great football coach. I think the Bears are often too predictable, too safe. But I don’t think it’s because he’s not emotional enough on the sideline. I actually like a head coach who treats his players like adults.

I never thought screaming into someone’s face was a good way to motivate a person. To me, it just makes the screamer look like an ass.