Saw a guy wearing Muhsin Muhammed jersey yesterday

I was in downtown Chicago yesterday when I saw someone wearing a Muhsin Muhammed Bears jersey.

At first I was amazed. Muhammed didn’t exactly have a stellar career while in a Bears uniform. In fact, near the end of his tenure here, it really was “boo” — and not “Mooooose!” — that you heard when he was on the field.

Then I thought a bit about this. Muhammed wasn’t great with the Bears. But he at least got into position to make catches. He ran good routes. He caught the ball when a Bears quarterback actually managed to throw it somewhere near him.

Was a he a touchdown machine? No. Did he catch 100 balls in a year? No. Was he a deep threat at all? No.

But he sure was better than Rashied Davis or Marty Booker or Brandon Lloyd. He was probably a more consistent receiver than is “number-one” receiver Devin Hester, too.

So maybe seeing that Muhammed jersey wasn’t so weird. Or maybe the guy wearing it didn’t have any other clean clothes.