Does bad baseball have you hungry for the Bears?

A radio host asked the question yesterday: Does the fact that this baseball season hasn’t exactly been great for either the Cubs or White Sox, make you yearn even harder for the start of the Bears season?

The host had a point. The Cubs are supposed to be World Series contenders — again — but haven’t looked the part. Their offense has been sluggish, their bullpen terrible and their run of injuries amazing. The Sox, my team, has been even worse. They’ve already been shut out a league-leading eight times. That’ll happen with a boom or bust offense.

And there is real excitement around the Bears this year. The team has a far more experienced crew of assistant coaches. And, of course, they have new quarterback Jay Cutler.

But you know what? I don’t think it really matters what the Cubs or Sox do. People in Chicago are always eager for the start of Bears season. The Cubs may be ultra-popular, but Chicago truly is a Bears town. When the Bears are good, you can feel the vibe in the city.

So I think we’d be hungry for the start of Bears season even if both the Cubs and White Sox hadn’t been so disappointing.