Will you be cutting back on your Bears spending this year?

The economy continues to be terrible. Despite the efforts of Barack Obama and his administration, unemployment continues to soar. Now businesses are more often asking their workers to take unpaid days off.

It’s a mess. And it’s depressing.

Sports is supposed to take us away from all this. But will it? Or will economy realities hit our beloved Bears this year?

Will Bears fans go to fewer games? If they are at the games, will they pass on the overpriced hotdogs or (shudder) the beer? Will they buy fewer Urlacher or Briggs jerseys? Will any of them drop their satellite TV packages, including all those football games from other cities?

Everyone is feeling the economic pinch today. I suppose sports — even the mightly NFL — is no different. How about it? Will you be cutting back on your sports spending this year?