You change the “attitude,” but defensive line still features same players

I came across this rather nauseating story at the Bleacher Report blog: Seems new Bears’ defensive line coach Rod Marinelli has changed the sign on the defensive-line meeting room at Halas Hall from “Defensive Line” to “Rush Men.”

How cute.

I wonder if Marinelli tried any of the same “motivational” tactics for the defensive linemen of the Detroit Lions. If he did, it didn’t keep them from going 0-16 last season.

These motivational techniques by grown men for grown men are a bit sickening, aren’t they? They’re silly. Spare me the platitudes of Marinelli instilling a “new attitude” among the defensive linemen. Aren’t these guys grown men being paid very well to do their job? I hardly think they need a new attitude. They may need more talent, more natural pass-rushing ability and maybe, just mabye, some better schemes (the one thing Marinelli can actually help them with ), but a new attitude? C’mon, this isn’t grammar school football here.

What really amazes me is that no sportswriters openly mock the “Rush Men” sign change. Or do the sportswriters in town think such silly things actually have an impact?

What will have an impact is Tommie Harris actually playing like the star we all thought he was going to be, or Adewale Ogunleye playing like he’s actually alive.