Urlacher again proves himself to be a pud

I’ll admit it: I’ve long thought Brian Urlacher is an ass, even before his play on the field began slipping. I cringe every time I hear him grunt through an interview, making a poor reporter’s job nearly impossible. I hate reading about his nasty relationship with the mother of his child. And I absolutely despise the way he implies that fans have no idea what professional football is all about.

Now there’s a red-hot story saying that Urlacher told former teammate Bobby Wade, now a receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, that he thinks new quarterback Jay Cutler is a … well, let’s just say Urlacher said “sissy.”

Urlacher denies saying this. I guess we’re supposed to believe that Bobby Wade just made all this up out of the blue.

Maybe Cutler is a, ummm…, sissy. But he’s also the Bears’ best chance to reach the SuperBowl. Urlacher was once a dominant player. That has changed. Today he’s a good player. He’s no longer a Pro-Bowl quality player, though.

So, who’s more important to the Bears now, Cutler or Urlacher? A strong-armed quarterback can take a team to the Superbowl. A top linebacker can help a team get there. There’s a big difference.

It’s time, then, for Urlacher to shut his mouth. Cutler may be a sissy, but there’s no way Urlacher’s getting back to the SuperBowl as a Bear without the quarterback’s powerful arm.