Will we see the dominant Tommie Harris again?

When the Bears made it to the SuperBowl in the 2006 season, defensive lineman Tommie Harris was a big reason. Simply put, he dominated several games.

Then Harris suffered a serious of injuries. He hasn’t been the same since.

Sure, he’s been a good player. But he hasn’t been the same fearsome force he was.

Of course, a lot of things went well in 2006 that haven’t gone quite as well since. Remember how strongly the offensive line played? Remember that the Bears defense as a whole was a turnover-creating machine?

Harris, though, has been the big disappointment to me since that 2006 season. I’d love to see him become a nightmare to quarterbacks again. Some say that Harris won’t ever be quite as effective as he was in 2006, thanks to all those injuries. But if he can at least resemble that player again? Then the Bears’ chances of winning their division skyrocket.