The slog of preseason football

I always have mixed feelings about the first preseason game of the Bears season.

It’s nice to see the NFL, and the Bears, of course, back in action. But preseason football? There are few things worse to watch. Maybe Spring Training baseball. But who watches that?

Here’s what you’ll see Saturday night: A whole lot of action from players you’ll never see once the regular season begins.

Preseason football also brings out the idiots who want to elevate a rookie or scrub to Pro Bowl status because of their performance against fellow also-rans. How many lousy third-string Bears quarterbacks have looked like superstars during the preseason? Just look at last year, when fans were calling sports radio stations demanding that Caleb Hanie be given a shot as starting quarterback?

I know we have to suffer through the preseason. Let’s just hope that no one gets hurt. And if you must watch these games, remember, it doesn’t matter who wins. It just matters that your star linebacker or offensive lineman doesn’t break a limb.