Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks preview

seattle-seahawks.jpgChicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks
Sunday November 18th, 3:15 p.m. central
TV: Fox

As the season wears on for the Chicago Bears, it is increasingly difficult to predict how they will perform on any given Sunday. Will they fumble? Will the defense step up or collapse? Add to the normal conundrum the fact that Rex Grossman is getting his first start since he was demoted and I am truly baffled.

Instead of a traditional preview, instead I will give some tips on what the Bears can do to win the game. Coach Smith, are you listening?

1) Stop insisting that the Bears are a running team. If you have no running game, you are not a running team. It would be like me insisting that I am singer when I can’t carry a tune. It does not matter how many times I say it, it will never be true.

2) If you have a 3rd and long, don’t run. (See number 1)

3) Let Rex try for long passes. When he is on, he can nail them, like he did last week. If he can’t, well it won’t be any worse than if they didn’t try.

4) Blitz more. Why? I like to see quarterbacks get sacked.

5) Please win. Pretty please?

Rex Grossman to start against the Seahawks

Coach Lovie Smith announced yesterday that quarterback Rex Grossman will be starting this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.  From his remarks, it appears that Grossman would be the starter, even if Griese had not been kept out of practice this week because of his sprained shoulder.  Griese hopes to practice today, but even if he is 100%, he will be stuck as the back-up.

Smith said “I like the way (Grossman) finished the game last week,” Smith said. “I liked the way he came in. He gave us a boost. We do everything based on what gives us the best opportunity to win this week and that’s what we’re doing.”

My early prediction is two passing touchdowns and two fumbles off snaps.


Lovie Smith Mum on Quarterback Decision

Luckily for Chicago Bears quarterback Brian Griese, the injury that caused him to leave Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders is not serious. The bad news is that it may cost him his starting job anyway.

Griese’s injury has been labeled a “shoulder sprain” and probably will not keep him out of the next game. However, Coach Lovie Smith has indicated that even if he is healthy he might not be the starter.

Rex Grossman performed pretty well, especially the long touchdown pass to give the Bears the lead. Is that enough to get him back his starting job?

Personally I do not really feel that confident in either quarterback at this point. I really wish we could have a hybrid. A quarterback called Rexian Groiese. He would be able to move outside of the pocket, think quickly, and have a strong throwing arm. Oh, and he would not fumble hand-offs. Is that too much to ask?

In all likelihood, Lovie will know who his quarterback will be after Wednesday’s practice (if he doesn’t know already). What remains uncertain is whether he will share that decision with all of us tomorrow.

Five minutes of exitement: Grossman leads Bears to victory


The first 55 minutes of game time of the Chicago Bears game versus the Oakland Raiders was a snooze fest. The teams exchanged punts and each put a field goal on the board. The only things keeping me awake were the Bears quarterback change and the fact that the Raiders kept kicking to Devin Hester and I kept anticipating a big run back.

Although the Raiders kept their promise and continually kicked the ball at Hester, he could not make much happen. The only exciting return that he had was brought back on a penalty. The rest of the returns were for minimal yardage, and several were for a loss. It was like he forgot how to return balls. Perhaps he has had too much downtime in the previous weeks with teams kicking away from him?

Quarterback Brian Griese was forced out of the game following a shoulder injury late in the first half. He did not return to the game and Rex Grossman took over. Thankfully Good Rex made an appearance late in the game.

After the Raiders scored their second field goal, making the game 6-3, the Bears drove down the field and capped the run with a 59 yard pass from Grossman to Bernard Berrian for a touchdown, with just over three minutes left on the clock. The look of excitement by Grossman and the rest of the offense is not something this team has had in quite awhile.

Following a sack of the Raiders quarterback which led to a fumble, the Bears scored another touchdown on a short run in by Cedric Benson.

Final score: Bears 17, Raiders 6

55 minutes of boredom, 5 minutes of excitement. Fine with me, as long as it leads to a Bears victory.

Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders preview

raiders.jpgChicago Bears at Oakland Raiders
Sunday, November 11th
3:15 p.m. Chicago time
TV: Fox

On paper, this game looks like a match-up of mediocrity. The Chicago Bears (3-5) and the Oakland Raiders (2-6), at least this season, does not exactly sound like the battle of the ages. However, there are a few things that might make this game interesting.

First, as I mentioned yesterday, the Raiders plan to kick to Devin Hester. Any game in which Hester actually has return opportunities has potential, either due to his phenomenal return game or his inability to hold onto the football. (I said interesting, not positive).

Second, the Bears are coming of a bye week, so they should be well rested. Of course, not all of the team is healthy. In fact, Ruben Brown was the latest player to be added to injured reserve this week.

Finally, the Bears want to win probably more so than they have all season. They spent the entire bye week angry at themselves for their poor performance against the Lions (for the second time). They want to prove that they can at least beat crappy teams, even if they can not beat pretty good teams.

Prediction: Bears 31, Raiders 17

Raiders will kick to Devin Hester

There is now some potential for the Chicago Bears name against the Oakland Raiders to get interesting. Raiders coach Lane Kiffin told the media that the team will be kicking the ball to Hester and won’t be kicking it out of bounds like opposing teams have been doing in the past few weeks.

Kiffin said, “We’re prepared for a challenge. It’s no fun to kick it out of bounds, so we’re going to see how well we can cover.”

Hopefully Hester will step up and make them regret their decision in a hurry. A punt return for a touchdown is just the things that the Bears need to get the fire going again. I hope Hester has not forgot how to return and I really hope that he does not fumble, because he is a bit prone to that.

source: WGN News

Chicago Bears Wayback Machine: Super Bowl Shuffle

Admittedly, the Chicago Bears season has been very dull thus far. With last week’s bye, there is even less to talk about.

As a result, I have gone into the Bears vault to present you with this video: The Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle from 1985. Enjoy.

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Chicago Bears not worthy of prime time

Due to their lackluster performance this year, the Chicago Bears game against the Seattle Seahawks, originally scheduled for Sunday Night Football has been moved to just a regular Sunday afternoon time slot.

The game, which will be played on November 18th in Seattle will now be at 3:15 p.m. central time on Fox. I suppose that when the television schedulers looked at the season ahead they had no idea how poorly the Bears would play this season.

The NFL should be grateful for its “flexible scheduling” option so that they can secure a good ratings winner for Sunday Night football. For the Bears, this is probably just another sad reminder of how they have completely failed to live up to expectations this season.

Tommie Harris wins Ed Block Award

tommie-harris-orange.jpgDefensive tackle Tommie Harris is this year’s Chicago Bears player to receive the 2007 Ed Block Courage Award. One player from each team in the NFL receives the award for their commitment to sportsmanship, courage, and inspiration. The winner of the awards are determined by votes from their teammates.

My guess is that the Bears found Harris to be very courageous after his recovery from last season’s hamstring injury. As Harris described it, his hamstring was “torn off” his pelvis.

The award is named for Ed Block who was a trainer with the Colts. Recent winners from the Bears are Rex Grossman and Ruben Brown.


Urlacher Hurt, Not Injured

brian-urlacher.jpgChicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has admitted that he has been playing through pain this season. Urlacher’s back pain is likely due to arthritis, which no doubt has limited his movement and range.Coach Lovie Smith said that Urlacher is not injured and, if he were, he would not play him. Smith added that a lot of NFL players play through pain and this situation is no different.

Urlacher came forward with his ailment to help explain why he has not been up to his normal standards.  He also revealed that Smith wanted him to sit out Friday practices to rest, but he was too embarrassed to sit out.  He said, “It’s just how I am. If I’m not practicing, it’s just how I’ve always been, it’s embarrassing to me. If everyone else is out there and I can walk, I should be out there too.”

Urlacher said that the injury is especially frustrating because there is no clear-cut treatment for the injury.  He added that the injury is more painful than when he tore his hamstring  a few years ago.