Chicago Bears lose to Lions (again) 16-7

Are the Chicago Bears really this bad or are the Detroit Lions really this good? Or is it both? Whatever the case, the Bears lost to the Lions for the second time this season, this time on their own home field, 16-7.

Maybe the orange jerseys are not so lucky after after all. Or maybe quarterback Brian Griese’s four interceptions was the problem and luck had nothing to do with it.

There really isn’t much to say right now. The Bears needed this win tremendously and rather than step up and play well, they played like they didn’t care. They could only muster one score? Unbelievable.

I really feel like the Bears have been a lot more talk than action this season. Every player talked this week about the importance of this game and yet, in the end, they did not do the things they needed to do in order to win it. After the game, it seems like more talk. Like this quote from Griese:

“This was a very tough loss for us. You lay down, you bleed for a while, but then you get back up and you go back to work and you work on the things that you need to work on that you’ve got to get better at and you take what’s promised you, which is the next game.

“That’s really all that’s promised to us. The season is not lost. We do have a long road to hoe, but I’m willing to put in the hard work to get it started.”

The Bears are off this weekend (thankfully), so we will have to wait a couple of weeks to see if it is more chatter or if the Bears are really going to try to win a few more games this season.

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions Preview


Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears
Soldier Field, Chicago
Sunday, Noon Chicago time

This Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions is a pivotal one for the Chicago Bears. The coaching staff and players have not been shy about expressing how important getting to .500 is for them, especially with a bye week coming up.

Although the Bears lost to the Lions earlier this season, I believe that the Bears are going to take this one. The Bears were embarrassed by how poorly they played the last time these teams met up, so hopefully that will be an added post to help them succeed. Chicago should come out playing with a lot of confidence after their last-minute win against the Eagles and they believe that they can beat the Lions.

The key for Bears is to get the crowd involved early on and try to shake the Lions offense. As is true for all the Bears games, they really need to limit their turnovers and just protect the ball. Although Coach Lovie Smith continues to repeat his mantra that the Bears are a running team, they need to pass the ball a lot, like they did against the Eagles, if they want  to succeed. That, or the running game needs to wake up from its season-long slumber.

On a funny note, Lions Coach Rod Marinelli joked that he should have his kicker kick the ball into Lake Michigan to prevent Devin Hester from returning it. Hester said that he would have to get a boat and be like the people out in the bay at the San Francisco Giants games waiting to catch the ball. The “don’t kick to Hester” philosophy actually worked to the Bears advantage in the last game, where the Bears got some good field position as a result, but the game is a lot more exciting (at least from a Bears fan perspective) when Hester gets to run a few back.

Prediction: Chicago Bears 27, Detroit Lions 17

For a prediction from the other side of coin toss, visit the Detroit Lions blog.

Chicago Bears to Wear Orange this Sunday

chicago-bears-orange-jersey.jpgIn celebration of Halloween or maybe just to liven things up, the Chicago Bears will be wearing their orange jerseys this Sunday at Soldier Field in their game against the Detroit Lions.

It may provide a bit of good luck, because the last time that they wore orange, October 29th, 2006, the Bears beat the San Fransisco 49ers at Soldier Field 41-10.

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

In honor of the Chicago Bears exciting victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, I give you a rendition of “Bear Down, Chicago Bears,” performed by Lyric Opera singer Bryan Griffin. This is an oldie, but goodie.

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Chicago Bears over Eagles in Dramatic Finish

muhsin-muhammad.jpgChicago Bears: 19
Philadelphia Eagles: 16

The last one minute and 53 seconds of the game was as exciting as the rest of the game was boring. The first three and a half quarters amounted to a dull field kicking duel, but that the last offensive drive by the Bears to take the win was nothing short of spectacular.

The Bears were backed up on their own three yard line with 1:53 left to go following an Eagles punt. The Eagles punter managed to avoid Devin Hester the entire game and this last kick was no exception, as the ball went out of bounds at the three yard line. Things looked pretty dismal for the Bears at that point, who were down 16-12. Did I mention that the Bears had no timeouts?

Quarterback Brian Griese looked confident as strong and he lead the team down the field. A few big plays early in the drive gave the Bears momentum to carry them down the field. Without timeouts, the Bears were forced into a hurry-up offense and had to spike the ball twice to stop the clock.

During the drive, Griese connected with Bernard Berrian on a key third down play for a 25 yard play. Then Devin Hester made a great grab for a 21 yard gain.

With only nine seconds on the clock, Griese connected on a 15 yard touchdown pass to Muhsin Muhammad to take the lead.

The Eagles had a chance to make a Hail Mary pass into the end zone, but instead made a short pass as time ran out. I think at that point the Eagles were completely defeated mentally.

This was a must-win game for both teams and I can imagine the defeat and disappointment that the Eagles and their fans are feeling. I know it quite well, because I was feeling the same way when there were about two minutes left in the game. I am glad that Griese and the rest of the offense had a lot more hope in themselves than I did.

Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles Preview

philadelphia-eagles.jpgChicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, October 21st
3:15 p.m. central time
TV: Fox

The Chicago Bears (2-4) and Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) are in the basement of their respective divisions, so it could be a pretty sloppy game.

I expect that Brian Griese is going to get sacked a lot. I expect that the defense will come out stronger after their horrible performance last week. I expect the Bears to win a close one: 21-14.

Rex Grossman denies he requested trade

rex-grossman-fumble.jpgRex Grossman put the quash on rumors that he had asked to be traded from the Chicago Bears.  His agent also denied such rumors, saying that Rex had not mentioned anything to him about it, so it must not be true.

I had not heard the rumors, which apparently were spread on local sports radio on Tuesday.  I think that such a rumor is rather silly because, really, do you think that teams are falling over each other to get this guy?  Would a guy who lost his starting job really think that he is a hot commodity in the NFL?

Grossman will be a free agent after the end of the season and I hope that he finds a nice home somewhere other than Chicago.

Devin Hester: A Man of Many Talents

Not only is Chicago Bears player Devin Hester the only spark left in the line-up, a spectacular punt returner, and an all-around threat on the field, he also has some other hidden talents.

Singing: Here is a video of Devin singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at a Chicago Cubs game earlier this season.

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Acting: Here is a commercial that Devin starred in for the video game Madden 08.

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Bears Defense Watches Scary Film

adrian-peterson-vikings-bears.jpgThe Chicago Bears defense likened watching film of Sunday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings to watching a horror flick. The normally strong defense gave up 311 yards on the ground, including 224 to rookie Adrian Peterson.

Coach Lovie Smith watched the film with the entire Bears defense, saying “Sometimes it’s good to watch all of the video together to just see exactly what was happening. Sometimes you assume that different things happened [to explain] why you see a guy break a long run. You assume there are some major things happening in there and sometimes it’s as simple as one guy getting out of his gap with a missed tackle.”

Hunter Hillenmeyer called the film “ugly” and Alex Brown said that they know that they “stunk” and the defense is embarassed at their performance.

It appears that the defense’s lack of ability to swarm the ball, as they did in games past, is what led to missed tackles and hundreds of yards on the ground.

Hopefully the film session, though difficult to sit through, will help the defense focus its efforts in the next game. With the questionable running game of the Bears offense, the team needs to be able to count on the defense.


Despite Hester Theatrics, Bears Fall to Vikings

devin-hester2.jpgMinnesota Vikings: 34
Chicago Bears: 31

Where would the Chicago Bears be without Devin Hester? Well, I don’t know if their record would be any worse, but their games would certainly be less exciting.

Devin Hester returned a punt for a touchdown and also handled a long pass from quarterback Brian Griese and ran it in for a touchdown on offense. In what has been a lackluster year for the Chicago Bears, Devin Hester has been the only bright spot; the only thing that fans have truly had to cheer about.

The Bears had a chance to send the game to overtime yesterday after coming back to tie it late in the game, but the defense could not contain rookie running back Adrian Peterson and he managed to gain enough yards to get the Vikings into field goal range. The Vikings made the field goal as time expired, dropping the Bears to 2-4.

I am not in favor of cloning, but I think that the Chicago Bears could use two or three more Devin Hesters in their line-up.