Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings Preview

Chicago Bears vs.  Minnesota Vikings
Solider Field, Chicago
12:00pm central on Fox

The Minnesota Vikings have lost three in a row and the Chicago Bears are coming off the biggest win of the season against the Packers.  The momentum is with the Bears and once they get back in front of their home crowd, I think that it will be evident whether or not the season has truly been turned around.

The Chicago Bears defense will have to worry about rookie Vikings quarterback Adrian Peterson, who has had a great season thusfar.  The defense is still hurting, although they should have some key folks back.

Current injury situation: Cornerback Nate Vasher (groin) and defensive tackle Darwin Walker (knee) are listed as doubtful on the injury report for Sunday’s game against Minnesota; linebacker Lance Briggs (hamstring), tackle John Tait (ankle) and Tillman (ribs) are questionable; and linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo (foot), defensive tackle Tommie Harris (knee) and middle linebacker Brian Urlacher (back) are probable.

Prediction: Bears win.  (I wonder how many other people picked the Bears to win over the Packers like I did last week).

Lance Briggs, Ruben Brown Charity Bowling Event

On his official website, Lance Briggs has announced that he and teammate Ruben Brown will hosting a charity bowling event. The proceeds from the event will benefit less fortunate children in the Chicago area by providing them with presents for the holidays.

It is still about six weeks away, but you can pre-order your tickets now to ensure that you get a chance to bowl with Brown, Briggs, and other Chicago Bears players.

Here are the details:
Monday, November 26, 2007
6:00 p.m.
10 Pin Bowling Lounge
Cost: $350 for bowling and dinner

CBS Sports Recap of Bears/Packers Game

Here is a video of CBS Sports post-game analysis of the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers game. It features post-game comments from quarterback Brian Griese.

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Lovie Smith had “fiery” halftime speech

lovie-smith.jpgThe usually soft-spoken and calm Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith reportedly become very animated and “fiery” during the halftime speech during the game against the Packers on Sunday.

The players remarked that they had never seen him so animated, as he talked about how poor the defense had played in the first half.

Lovie told the media, “Did you see the first half? You can imagine what I said.”

After being told that they were not playing the kind of defense that they were capable of, the team went out in the second half and stepped up their game.

The talk apparently worked, as the Bears were able to win 27-20.  I imagine that the new animated Lovie will not be something permanent, however, and he is already back to his calm reserved self.


Chicago Bears beat Green Bay 27-10

brian-griese-press-conference.jpgIn what was certainly a must-win game for the Chicago Bears, they managed to take the lead late in the game Sunday night and hold off the Green Bay Packers in the final moments of the game to secure a 27-10 victory.

Coach Lovie Smith said it best, saying that having a 2-3 record, as the Bears do now, sounds much better than 1-4. Smith analyzed the game this way:

The first half, we didn’t play well. Defensively, you name it, it went wrong. We couldn’t play the run, we couldn’t play the pass. The second half was a totally different story.

In the second half, the defense stepped it up. We challenged them. That’s about as bad a first half of defense as we’ve played. But that’s about as good a second half of defense as we’ve played, and that’s when you want to play your best there at the end of the football game.

The finish of the game, with Desmond Clark making a 34-yard TD catch from quarterback Brian Griese with just 2:05 remaining, was extremely dramatic and exciting and made me glad that I stayed up to watch it. While typically staying up for the finish of a Bears game would not be a problem, I had struggled my way through the 88 degree temps in Chicago that morning to run the marathon, so I was pretty spent.

To say that this was a big win for the Bears is a tremendous understatement. The Bears needed this win or their season would have been essentially over. At least now they have a chance at turning the season around.

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

The full recap of the game will be forthcoming.  I ran the Chicago marathon yesterday, so I have not yet returned to sufficient brain capacity to write a comprehensive recap!

Thanks for your understanding and feel free to leave comments about what you thought about the game!

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Preview

brett-farve.jpgThe Chicago Bears are 1-3. The Green Bay Packers are 4-0.

The Chicago Bears quarterback will be making his second start as a Bear after being the never-used back-up to Rex Grossman. The Green Bay Packers quarterback, a future NFL Hall of Famer, is playing his best football in years causing former doubters to ever wonder why they thought he should retire.

Did I mention that the Bears defense is still mostly injured?

On paper this match-up looks completely lopsided in favor of the Green Bay Packers, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Chicago Bears will win on Sunday. Why? Because I feel like, as a Bears fan, I still have to have hope that the Bears can turn this season around. And, as a Bears fan, I can never, ever, pick the Packers to win.

Of course I also thought that the Bears were going to beat the Detroit Lions last week and we all know how well that turned out.

Chicago Bears Injury List Still Long

Although Chicago Bears safety Adam Archuletta did participate in Wednesday’s practice, the list of players who did not is still lengthy and looks more like a starting line-up or Pro Bowl team than an injury list.

The Bears already have their hands full with Green Bay and I don’t know how they can be expected to compete without all of these injured players.

This season has been such a disappointment thus far and I only can hope that they get healthy so that there is a chance that the team can turn the season around.


Bears terminate Obafemi Ayanbadejo

obafemi-ayanbadejo.jpgThe Chicago Bears ended the contract of fullback Obafemi Ayanbadejo, the older brother of special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo. Obafemi signed with Chicago prior to the season, but was suspended before playing a regular season game, after testing positive for a banned substance.

Obafemi completed a four-game suspension after violating the NFL policy on steroids. He claimed that the substance came in over-the-counter product that he ingested.

Perhaps given the track record of what happens when the Bears give players a second chance (i.e. Tank Johnson), they decided to just cut their losses.


Bears offense hopes to get going with Hester, Olsen

greg-olsen.jpgAfter the Chicago Bears offense did very little in the first four games of the season, they are looking to make some changes.

Return specialist Devin Hester who has seen limited playing this time at wide receiver this year will be used more offensively. Many of Hester’s appearances in the offense were as a decoy to attempt to throw off the opponents. A lot of good that did when the running back could not move the ball anyway. Additionally, rookie tight end Greg Olsen will also see more action.

Following the game on Sunday, coach Lovie Smith admitted, “Offensively again we didn’t get a lot done—running game-wise, passing game. There’s not a lot of positive things for me to talk about really.”