Chicago Bears injury updates

Despite missing his first game in 11 seasons, punter Brad Maynard expects to be back for Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. He said that he “absolutely” will play Sunday.

Rookie Greg Olsen may make his debut Sunday. Coach Lovie Smith said, “Hopefully, we’ll be able to get Greg going this week. He made a lot of progress last week.”

Chicago Bears win 20-10 over Chiefs

devin-hester-2.jpgThe Chicago Bears won their first game of the season with a 20-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs at Soldier Field.

The highlight of the game was the 73-yard punt return for a touchdown by Devin Hester. He is certainly the most exciting Bears player and whenever he gets an opening it is fun to watch him go. He also returned a kick-off for a touchdown, but it was returned after a holding call.

The Bears scored their first touchdown of the year earlier in the game with the help of an unexpected receiver. Offensive tackle John St. Clair was made an eligible receiver and he caught a two-yard touchdown pass.

The Bears had three turnovers (two interceptions and a Bernard Berrian fumble), but the defense did not allow the Chiefs to capitalize off of it. Overall the defense was very strong and Brian Urlacher was able to get his first sack since 2005.

One area of concern is the punting game. Brad Maynard, who is usually a rock at punter was out for the game due to a groin injury. It was the first game that Maynard missed due to injury in 11 seasons. Newly signed Dirk Johnson left the game with an injury, leaving the punting duties to kicker Robbie Gould. It is certainly not an optimal situation to have the field goal kicker also handing punting duties, because if Gould gets injured, it will be a devastating blow to the offense.

Preview: Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs


Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears
Sunday, September 16th, 3:15 p.m. central time

Despite the fact that the Chicago Bears only had 77 yards rushing in their opening game against the San Diego Chargers, do not expect any changes this Sunday when the Bears take on the Kansas City Chiefs at home in Soldier Field.

The Bears will continue to push the running game as much as possible. Coach Lovie Smith attributed the poor outcome of the running game to the Chargers good defensive line. He added, “As far as our running game and getting it going, we’ll continue to run the football. Each week we work on getting better up front, the running back seeing the holes and things like that.

“We’ll do the same thing this week, and eventually if you keep pounding you’ll see a crack, and hopefully once we get that crack we can do something from there.”

Starting running back Cedric Benson realizes that there are some things that he could have done differently in game one. “You can go back to every single play and find something you could have done better,” Benson said. “We were looking at the film and way on the back side there was a cutback there where I probably could have bounced it and tried to get to the sideline for a first down.”

Like the Bears, the Chiefs are coming off an opening week loss and will be looking to win their first game of the season.

Quarterback Rex Grossman, as well as Benson, will both likely be hoping for big offensive outputs in order to counteract the negative criticism that they received earlier this week, which tapped them as easy to shake and mentally weak.

If the Bears can keep the turnovers to a minimum and can play a more focused game, they should be able to win their home opener. Certainly the Soldier Field crowd will go a long way in giving the team the confidence it needs to succeed.


Is Rex Grossman a “mental midget”?

rex-grossman-mental-midget.jpegFormer Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera does not have very nice things to say about Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. In fact, Turner called Grossman a “mental midget.” At least according to San Diego Chargers inside linebacker Matt Wilhelm.

According to Wilhem, Rivera told him that that it was easy to get into Rex’s head and create doubt in the quarterback, who often lacks confidence. Rivera is currently the linebackers coach for the Chargers

Rivera denied the comment, saying “I would never say that about Rex. If there is one thing I would most certainly do, I would always treat an opponent with respect. He’s mentally a strong player.”

Responding to the report, Grossman said that Rivera had spent most of his time with the Bears up in the booth and did not spend time around Grossman.

Center Olin Kreutz said, “I think Ron Rivera showed you right there why he’s not here anymore,” Kreutz said. “He’s kind of a me guy.”

The reported comments by Rivera came on the heels of similar comments made by Chargers player Shaun Phillips about Bears running back Cedric Benson.


Greg Olsen Talks About Injury to Friend Kevin Everett

The entire NFL community is reeling over the catostrophic spinal cord injury suffered by Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett. The injury could leave him paralyzed.

While many of us are saddened and horrified over the event, for those who are friends with Kevin, like Chicago Bears player Greg Olsen, the event is even more tragic.

Greg posted this statement on

We had a good relationship and I just hope for the best. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed and praying that everything works out as well as it can. Everyone’s definitely thinking about him.


It’s just unbelievable. You never think something like that is going to happen. That’s an injury that you don’t stop and think about. Knees, ankles, shoulders and hands—that kind of stuff is what people think of when they think of football injuries. They don’t think of life-threatening, long-term injuries like that. It’s unbelievable that he has to go through it. We all feel for him and his family. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that things go better than the doctors think.

As a football player, you can’t think about those types of risks. The chance is always there, but you can’t think about it because it’ll ruin everything.

For a full update on Kevin Everett’s condition, visit the Buffalo Bills site on Content Quake.

Two Injury-Prone Bears Out For Season

The Chicago Bears opening game loss to the San Diego Chargers also resulted in the loss of two Bears players for the season.

Safety Mike Brown, who broke down after the game while talking with reporters about his “knee sprain,” has been diagnosed with a torn ACL in his knee. He was close-lined by Chargers fullback Lorenzo Neal while attempting to blitz. Brown has had serious injuries each of the last four seasons.

Similarly, defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek also tore his ACL just a few plays after Brown. He twisted his leg after planting his foot in the grass and was not touched during the incident. Dvoracek missed all of his 2006 rookie season after injuring his foot.

Neither player will return this season and will be replaced in the line-up by Danieal Manning and Darwin Walker.


NFL Apparel for Women

During the Chicago Bears game yesterday, I saw a commercial for the NFL’s line of apparel geared toward women. Personally I have no problem wearing a small men’s jersey, but I suppose some women prefer having a more feminine cut to their clothing.

I checked out what the Bears have to offer in their team store and there are some good items and some not so good items.

While I liked the jersey that is smaller and more fitted for the female body and the women’s t-shirt:



I did not like the jerseys in non-Bears colors:



Just because a woman wants a jersey to fit her does not mean that she is wearing it purely for fashion sense, without regard to the team colors, and needs it to be “pretty.”

I have never really understood the idea of making jerseys in colors other than the team’s colors. Never was this more strange than when I saw a University of Michigan shirt in green and white, which are the colors of their rival Michigan State University. I think that generally team apparel should be in team colors. I do not think that is too much to ask for.

Bears fall to Chargers 14-3 in opener

rex-grossman-pointing.jpgPlagued by turnovers and a lack of forward progress with their running game, the Chicago Bears lost their season opener to the San Diego Chargers 14-3.

The Bears had several costly turnovers, including an interception near the end zone and a fumble late in the game. The special teams also turned the ball over when a punt hit off of Brandon McGowan who was busy making a block and did not even realize that he made contact with the ball. The Chargers then made the recovery.

The Bears running game was stagnant, with only 80 yards rushing. The loss of Thomas Jones was evident. I was surprised that they did not give my favorite new Bear Garrett Wolfe any carries. He may have been able to spark something on the offensive side.

The officiating in the game was pretty bad, with the refs missing an obvious off-sides call against the Bears and failing to call a penalty when Bears player Mike Brown was close-lined. It was a costly play as Brown left the game with a sprained knee and did not return. Following the game, Brown broke down while speaking to the press indicating that it is much more serious than a sprain.

Despite the loss, however, there were some positive things that the team can take pride in:

They were not expected to win, so the fact that they were leading the game 3-0 at the half and held the Chargers to 14 points overall, showed that their defense is impressive again this season.

The defense limited superstar running back LaDainian Tomlinson to 12 yards in first half and 25 yards rushing overall. It was Tomlinson’s worst rushing total since his rookie season.

Rex Grossman had some excellent passes and the interception was not his fault as receiver Bernard Berrian failed to make it to his spot, resulting in the turnover. He did fumble once, but it was recovered. He was not plagued by the hand-off problems that have had a lot of Bears fans worried.

Chicago Bears vs. San Diego Chargers Preview

ladainian-tomlinson.jpgThe Chicago Bears regular season is almost upon us! The Bears will play in San Diego against the Chargers on Sunday at 3:15p.m. central time on Fox.

This is an important match-up, not only because it is the first game of the season. The Chargers are an excellent team and it would give the Bears a lot of confidence to play well against them.

Whether or not Rex Grossman plays well from the get-go tell a lot about what we can expect from him the rest of the game. If he gets rattled early, either through interceptions or those pesky hand-off problems, it will really do a number on his confidence. If he starts strong, however, he will be more successful.

The Bears defense will no doubt have added incentive to tackle Chargers running back LaDanian Tomlinson whenever possible following his commercial in which he schooled the bears. He was injured and did play the last time that the two teams met up and the Bears have not faced him since 2003.

It is unclear if rookie tight end Greg Olsen will play in Sunday’s game after injuring his knee in the final preseason game against the Browns. He was in practice for only a limited time on Thursday.

Meet the new Chicago Bear: Mike Hass

Although his place on the Chicago Bears roster was uncertain heading into last Thursday’s final preseason game, Mike Hass cemented himself on the list by making a tremendous grab for a touchdown in the endzone.

Hass played college ball at Oregon State, where he was a walk-on player. After being drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2006, Hass was cut from the roster prior to the start of the season. Shortly thereafter he joined the Chicago Bears practice squad where he was able to learn the offense.

This season in training camp, the coaches challenged him by having him play various positions. His ability to do that, along with his great hands and ability to run routes led to him making the team.

Below is a video of that great endzone catch. The creator of the video has labelled Hass “the Hassinator.” I am unsure if that is a genuine nickname or something that they are trying to start.

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