Briggs signs with Bears, Berrian to Vikings

The Chicago Bears re-signed last season’s franchise player Lance Briggs to a six year deal. Widely thought to be one of the top players on the free agent market this off-season, Briggs’ return to the team will be fondly welcomed with open arms. This despite all of the contention between Briggs and management when he was given that franchise label last season.

Heading away from the Bears this weekend is wide receiver Bernard Berrian, who signed with the Minnesota Vikings. If you are keeping track that is the second wide receiver the Bears have lost this off-season after Muhsin Muhammad was released a few weeks ago.

Chicago Bears Sign Rex Grossman

rex-grossman-fumble.jpgRex Grossman does not appear to be leaving Chicago anytime soon, unless there is some kind of trade in the works (although who would want to trade for him) as he signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears.

Although not entirely unexpected, I really wish that we had already seen the last of Rexy in a Bears uniform, but no one asked me.

Source: AP

Moose cut from the Chicago Bears

muhsin-muhammad.jpgChicago Bears wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad was cut from the squad yesterday after accumulating his fewest number of receptions in a season since 1997.  I think that the loss of Moose will be fairly strong, unless they pick up a new wide receiver in the draft.  He has certainly been a fan favorite.  I guess the crowd will have to pick a new player and shout their name after a good play.

Also cut yesterday was Fred Miller and the Bears also declined an option on Darwin Walker.  Sticking around until 2011 will be defensive end Alex Brown, who signed a new deal on Monday.


Former Bear shines against Cowboys

spongebob-bandaid.jpgFormer Chicago Bears player R.W. McQuarters had a great game yesterday for the New York Giants in their upset victory of the Dallas Cowboys.

His stats for the day included an interception, four tackles, and a punt return of 25 yards.  Not too bad for a guy wearing a Spongebob band-aid under his eye.  Did he run out of regular band-aids at home or is that a lucky thing?  Maybe because Spongebob is an underdog?  Maybe he secretly wants to live in a pineapple under the sea?

Bears beat Saints, end season on high note

The Chicago Bears ended their mediocre season with a victory over the New Orleans Saints.  Although it meant nothing, it was one of the Bears most entertaining games of the season.  Maybe they should always play like it doesn’t matter.  Kyle Orton looked like a man desperate to prove that he deserves the starting quarterback job.

Some highlights:

Runningback Adrian Peterson threw a touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian

Garrett Wolfe ran well and proved that he and Peterson make a great one-two running back combo

Kyle Orton’s arm looked strong and he moved well

Brian Urlacher intercepted a pass, continuing his great second half of the season

Saints third string running back Pierre Thomas, Illinois grad and Illinois native did well against his childhood favorite team, the Chicago Bears

A Christmas miracle: Bears beat Packers


Chicago Bears: 35
Green Bay Packers: 7

The last time the Bears played the Packers, I watched the game after unsuccessfully trying to complete the Chicago marathon in 90 degree weather. It is, of course, appropriate that for their second meeting, the weather was freezing cold. And by cold, I mean 2 degree wind chill cold and winds gusting up to 50 m.p.h.

The frigid temps and gusting wind had a big impact on the game and could be considered an additional player on the Bears team. It caused bad hikes, bad handoffs, and blocked punts by the Packers. All of these were used to the Bears advantage.

Bears quarterback Kyle Orton made his case to stay as the starting quarterback next season, going 8 of 14 passes for 101 yards with 1 touchdown, for a 103.6 passer ratings. Perhaps more amazing was the fact that despite the ice cold fingers, the offense made zero turnovers.

The highlight of the game came on defense, however, when Brian Urlacher returned an interception 85 yards for a touchdown. Urlacher showed his speed as he left the Packers in his dust. The last few yards he appeared to be smiling. Of course it could have been more of a grimace because after the play he was seen receiving oxygen. No linebacker is used to running 85 yards full out.

This victory, while meaningless in the standings since the Bears were excluded from playoff contention last week, was huge. Even in a season of disappointment, there is one bright spot to look at: The Bears swept the Packers. Merry Christmas indeed.

Four Chicago Bears headed to Pro Bowl

devin-hester2.jpgAlthough they had their playoff hopes dashed yesterday, at least four Chicago Bears are smiling today.

Linebacker Lance Briggs, defensive tackle Tommie Harris, kick return God (too much?) Devin Hester and special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo are all headed to Hawaii.

They are all pros at the Pro Bowl with Devin and Brendon having gone last year and the other two headed to Hula land for their third straight season.

Left off the list were frequent Pro Bowlers Olin Kreutz and Brian Urlacher. I suppose Brian’s back injuries hampered his ability to make it to the Pro Bowl, although if the judges looked only at Monday’s game, he would have had it made.


Bears lose to Vikings, officially out of playoffs

Minnesota Vikings: 20
Chicago Bears: 13
Bears officially eliminated from playoffs

kyle-orton.jpgThe Chicago Bears lost to the Minnesota Vikings in front of a national television audience on Monday Night Football. Although the Bears had been mathematically still in the playoff race, this loss confirmed what everyone already knew: The Bears will have no post-season this year.

Kyle Orton returned to quarterback after a two year absence and was not the savior that we were hoping for. There was a spark of something great early on, where Orton moved out of the pocket to avoid a sack. I actually gasped! That was the only highlight though, as he spent the rest of the game getting sacked and had a lot of three-and-outs.

Brian Urlacher was really the only high point, coming up with sacks, turnovers, and generally being the Urlacher that we have always known. Nathan Vasher returned from injury to make an interception.

Despite how poorly they played, the Bears still had a chance to win, leading at halftime and through three quarters. They were down 20-13 with under two minutes and Orton threw a bomb into the endzone, but it was picked off.

With a different quarterback would that have been a touchdown? I don’t know. I suppose that the way that they played that game the Bears didn’t deserve to win it, but it would have been nice to have the game tied up and go into overtime. Then maybe they would have had a chance. Of course, the way that there season has gone, they would have lost the toss and the Vikings would have easily scored.

When the season began, there was not a part of me that would have believed that the Super Bowl curse would strike the Bears and that they would not even make the playoffs this year. What a disappointing season it has been for all of us.

Photo Source: Chicago Tribune, Charles Cherney

Bears vs. Vikings preview

Monday, December 17th
7:30 p.m.
at Vikings

I am sure when the NFL powers that be scheduled Monday night’s match-up between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings, they had no idea that the teams would be 5-8 and 7-6 respectively.

They assumed, rather optimistically, that this game would be a crucial division match-up, coming late in the season with perhaps both teams fighting for the division title. Of course no one really could predict that Green Bay would have tied that up already.

So, my prediction for Monday night football is the worst ratings of the season. Typically the Bears play poorly on Monday night, but since everything has gone the opposite of what I expected for this season, I will optimistically predict a Bears victory on the back of a rejuvenated Kyle Orton. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

Kyle Orton to start for Chicago Bears

kyle-orton-photo.jpgThe Chicago Bears announced this week that normally third string quarterback Kyle Orton will be the starter for the next game. Rex Grossman is, of course, out with an injury, but there is nothing physically wrong with Brian Griese. So why the switch?

While Coach Lovie Smith said that he went with the quarterback that can give us the best chance of winning, I think that statement is meaningless. Given that Orton has not played in a real game in some time, they have NO idea how he will play or how much he will give the Bears “a chance of winning.”

Really this is just a situation for the Bears to determine what will happen next year. Do they keep Grossman? Get rid of him and start Orton? It is like what teams normally do in the pre season: start everyone you have and see who sticks.

I hope he does well. I read a quote in which he said that he has a much better understanding of the offense than he did in 2005, so that would be a good thing. I have no prediction on how well he will do. I just hope that he doesn’t get sacked a lot or throw a lot of interceptions because we have had enough of that this season.