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Call it mercy: Boot Hampton from the radio waves

I always used to chuckle whenever I’d hear former Chicago Bear Dan Hampton shilling for some auto dealer on the radio. It was hard to get Hampton’s DUI arrest out of my mind.

I don’t laugh when I hear Hampton’s voice now. I cringe. Then I turn the dial.

Hampton is part of the largely unlistenable “Hampton & Holmes” radio show that runs from 10 a.m. until noon on Chicago sports radio talker the Score, 670 AM on your dial.

The problem is that Hampton stutters, a lot. He also rarely says anything original. And when he has to talk about anything besides the Bears? It’s not pretty. Listening to him analyze the Blackhawks’ postseason run has been damn painful.

I like Hampton as a football player. He was an invaluable member of those great Bears’ defenses of the mid- to late-1980s. (Anyone else remember how the Bears’ defense, and the team, fell apart after Hampton suffered a serious injury in 1989? A team that started the season 4-0 ended up a surprising 6-10.)

I hate him as a radio host. Please, someone at the SCORE do the right thing: Boot Hampton from the radio booth.

Good news for Bears legend Perry: He’s released from the hospital

A CBS News report says that former Bear defensive tackle — and occasional touchdown-maker — William “the Refrigerator” Perry was released from a South Carolina hospital yesterday.

Perry had been hospitalized with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a chronic inflammation of the peripheral nerves.

Perry is one of those Bears that has become legendary. Although it’s questionable how much of his reputation he deserves. He was always a decent defensive tackle, especially against the run. But he could have been great if he had kept his weight under control.

That sounds funny to say now. Professional football fields today are filled with players who make Perry look svelte.

It’s hard not to look back at Perry’s career –his offensive hijinks notwithstanding — and not feel at least a twinge of regret at what might have been.

In fact, it’s a bit like looking at the 1985 Bears as a whole. This was an amazing team … for one season. Like Perry, it was a collection of marque talent that never quite lived up to its ability, save for one magical year.