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Favre pulls a Palin; He quits

You have to feel bad for the Minnesota Vikings. The team has been waiting all offseason to see if Brett Favre will be its quarterback. Then, just two days before starting training camp, Favre breaks the Vikings’ hearts and says that, yes, he is still officially retired.

Favre has had almost as much difficulty retiring as has Michael Jordan. But this time, he says, the retirement will stick.

For the Vikings this is bad news. They’re now left with a roster full of quarterbacks who make Kyle Orton look like Joe Montana. It’s a shame for the team, too, because with better quarterback play, the Vikings would be a legitimate SuperBowl contender. They have the game’s most dynamic halfback in the real Adrian Peterson. They have a tough defense. They have a good coach. They just don’t have a good quarterback.

Bears fans, of course, don’t feel too sorry for the Vikings. Favre’s announcement makes it easier on the Bears in their quest to win their division title. It also gives the Vikings a taste of what Bears fans have suffered through for many years: good defenses, good running games and horrible quarterbacking.

It’s hard to win much without a good quarterback, some flukes aside. The Vikings will get one more reminder of that this season.