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Toomer or Boldin? This isn’t really a debate, is it?

These Bears, most notably coach Lovie Smith, have often treated their fans like they’ve never watched an NFL game. Remember last year, when the Bears insisted that they were happy with their wide receivers? Fans certainly weren’t. And after watching a year of Rashied Davies drop passes and Marty Booker practice his disappearing act, no one was happy with the Bears receivers.

Now comes word that the Bears might, just might, take a look at former N. Y. Giants mainstay receiver Amani Toomer.

It’s true that Toomer’s probably better than any receiver currently on the Bears roster, including any late-round draft picks. But it’s also true that Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin is 10 times better than Toomer.

Yes, I know it’d take a near miracle, but maybe the Bears can do something to get Boldin here. Can you imagine the passing yards the Bears would rack up with Cutler passing to Boldin? There might finally be reason to keep your eyes open the next time the Bears have the ball.

It’s hard to believe, but the Bears’ fate this season depends more than ever on the offense. The defense has proven during the last two years that it can’t stop anyone when it matters. The Bears need to win shootouts this year. I’m not sure they can do this with Devin Hester as their top receiver.