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When did you become a Bears fan for life?

When I was younger, I didn’t much care for football. My dad would hog the TV for what seemed like hours. And all those football games screwed up the Sunday evening TV schedule; The games always ran late.

But then came 1984, and the Bears were actually a pretty good team. They had a ferocious defense, a great running back and a cocky young quarterback.

Still, halfway through the season they hadn’t really proven themselves to the rest of the league. Then they took on the Oakland Raiders.

If you remember that 1984 game at Soldier Field, you’ll remember that defense ruled. The Raiders knocked quarterback Jim McMahon out of the game with a serious injury, more or less derailing his career. But the Bears, led by that punishing defense and running game, ruled 17-9. I’d never seen two teams hit each other so hard.

From that moment on, I was a Bears game. I was rewarded in 1984 with the Bears’ surprising playoff victory on the road against a tough Washington Redskins team. Of course, one week later, in the NFC championship game, the 49ers stifled the Bears 23-0.

I knew a team on the rise when I saw one, though, and I was hooked.

I still am, even when watching the Bears is as exciting as watching grass grow. They’re still my team.

Why don’t people care when football players take steroids?

Sammy Sosa is making news again in Chicago today. Seems he tested positive for steroids back in 2003. Not much of a surprise there. I mean, the guy looked like a toothpick when he played for the White Sox. With the Cubs he’d magically transformed into a walking mountain.

Even though no one’s really surprised by this — It’s not like Sosa and his bat falled with rubber balls hasn’t been found guilty of cheating before — many Cubs fans seemed a bit disappointed in the news.

Here’s my question, though: Why isn’t anyone ever that upset when a football player is found to be taking steroids? When a football player is caught with steroids, people tend to shrug and move on.

But with baseball? It’s a national tragedy. The way the media covered the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal, you’d have thought that we finally did find those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

So what gives? Is it because baseball is so dependant on numbers and records? This might have something to do with it. The homerun marks of Ruth and Maris have been shattered. But now all the people who shattered these marks have been found guilty of taking steriods. How do you account for that?

I have no idea. I’m a White Sox fan; Most White Sox players don’t set any records, so I haven’t had to worry about it. Besides, like so many other Chicago sports fans, I’m waiting for the Bears’ season to start.

The Crosstown Classic — and all we care about is the Bears

This started out as a fairly promising baseball season. The Cubs were supposed to run away with their division. The White Sox, while troubled by more questions, were at least supposed to be serious contenders in theirs.

So far, though? Neither team has done anything to make their fans proud. The White Sox are struggling along with a losing record. The Cubs, thanks to being in a truly awful division, are definitely in contention for their divisional crown. Problem is, they’re only at .500.

And this week, these two mediocre teams meet in the annual Crosstown Classic. This is usually a big deal. But this year it’s hard to get fired up. I already know the White Sox, the team I root for, isn’t doing anything this year. And I have the feeling that the Cubs, whom I hate, are going to win their division just because it’s so awful. They’ll then flame out in the playoffs.

So instead, my thoughts are with the Bears. In fact, if I could speed up the baseball season, have it end tomorrow, I would. Bring on football season!

How would you like to be a Los Angeles Clippers fan?

I sometimes feel a bit marginalized when it comes to baseball in Chicago. That’s because I’m a fan of the Chicago White Sox. And I’m one of those fans who was reared to not just like the White Sox, but to hate the Cubs.

So I do. Yet it seems, and I admit I’m paranoid about this, that everyone else in town loves the Cubs.

I wonder, then, what it must be like to be a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. First of all, do the Clippers have any fans? And if so, why aren’t they rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers? The Lakers are everything the Clippers are not: successful, fun, dynamic, hip.

I think about this, of course, because the NBA championships are going on now, with the Lakers leading the Orlando Magic two games to one as of this writing. I picture a lonely Clippers fan somewhere, hoping desperately for the Lakers to lose or, at the very least, for the basketball season to finally end.

I suppose it’d be like rooting for a new NFL team in Chicago instead of cheering on the Bears. You might remember, many years ago, there was talk from Mayor Daley on Chicago possibly landing an AFC team. Can you imagine that team trying to attract fans when so many Chicagoans dearly love their Bears?

Imagine how hard it’d be if the Bears were actually a successful franchise? I mean, this team has won exactly one SuperBowl, and has appeared in exactly two. That’s not exactly a long record of success, at least not like the Lakers.