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Favre pulls a Palin; He quits

You have to feel bad for the Minnesota Vikings. The team has been waiting all offseason to see if Brett Favre will be its quarterback. Then, just two days before starting training camp, Favre breaks the Vikings’ hearts and says that, yes, he is still officially retired.

Favre has had almost as much difficulty retiring as has Michael Jordan. But this time, he says, the retirement will stick.

For the Vikings this is bad news. They’re now left with a roster full of quarterbacks who make Kyle Orton look like Joe Montana. It’s a shame for the team, too, because with better quarterback play, the Vikings would be a legitimate SuperBowl contender. They have the game’s most dynamic halfback in the real Adrian Peterson. They have a tough defense. They have a good coach. They just don’t have a good quarterback.

Bears fans, of course, don’t feel too sorry for the Vikings. Favre’s announcement makes it easier on the Bears in their quest to win their division title. It also gives the Vikings a taste of what Bears fans have suffered through for many years: good defenses, good running games and horrible quarterbacking.

It’s hard to win much without a good quarterback, some flukes aside. The Vikings will get one more reminder of that this season.

Why the Vikings are still the favorites in the NFC North

I really want to believe that the Bears, powered by the strong arm of Jay Cutler, will win the NFC North this year.

It’s hard to force myself to believe this, though. Yes, it’s a fairly weak division. But I still think the Vikings, though they’re certainly not Super Bowl contenders, are still the smarter choice to win the division.

Here’s why: The Vikings have a good, tough defense. They have arguably the game’s most explosive running back. And if Brett Favre plays for them this year, they’ll have a quarterback who is just good enough.

The Bears meanwhile, still have a lot of question marks. Yes, Jerry Angelo did fill some holes, most notably with Cutler, finally acquiring a quarterback that defensive backs will fear. But remember, that Bears defense has been lousy since the SuperBowl year. Brian Urlacher appears to be winding down. Mike Brown is gone, with not much talent to replace him.

I’m still not sold on Matt Forte, either. Yes, he had a solid rookie season. But he wore down terribly as the season went on. And he’s more of a solid back when he’s on. He’s not a gamebreaker.

Then there are the receivers. Simply put, this is a terrible group. Devin Hester is not a number-one receiver, no matter how many times Lovie Smith says he is. And we’re relying on Earl Bennett? The same Earl Bennett who caught exactly zero passes last season?

I’m sorry, but there are too many holes on these Bears.

Favre to Vikings — Does it matter?

As a Bears fan, I’m never too cocky. I’ve seen too much bad — and often boring — football for that. So when the Bears somehow pulled off a miracle and signed quarterback Jay Cutler earlier this year, I steeled myself for the upcoming disapointment.

Cutler’s best wide receiver is Devin Hester. Really. Don’t be surprised to see Cutler zipping throws to the tight ends all season long.

Maybe Cutler will get injured. Maybe Cutler won’t be as good as advertised. Maybe the offensive line won’t be able to protect him. Perhaps the aging defense will continue to falter, making Cutler’s strong arm a moot point.

See? I’m a Bears fan. I expect things to go wrong.

Then the Brett Favre rumors started. He mght end up being the quarterback of the Vikings this year. Check out this New York Times story for more information.

Now, maybe this doesn’t matter. Favre didn’t exactly finish strong last year for the New York Jets. In fact, the Jets weren’t even interested enough to give Favre another shot at the helm. The Jets were 8-5 at one point last year and still missed the playoffs, thanks in part to Favre’s erratic play during the end of the season.

But … there’s something about the Vikings with an adequate quarterback that’s scary. The Vikings have the best defense in the division and easily the best running game. Adrian Peterson can beat the Bears by himself. Think of how dangerous he’ll be with Favre tossing passes instead of Tarvaris Jackson.

I don’t know, call me a typical Bears fan here, but I’d really prefer Favre to call it a career. With the Vikings, he might be able to stick a dagger in the hearts of Bears fans once again.