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Instant analysis: Preseason football blows

They need to stop television preseason football. All it does every year is make Chicago Bears fans think the team’s backup quarterbacks are future ProBowlers.

It happened again Saturday night during the Bears’ 27-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills in their preseason opener: Starting quarterback Jay Cutler looked pedestrian in his outing. The backups, though, looked good.

Of course, the backups were playing against the dregs of the Bills’ lineup against a slew of players who’ll never make the field during the regular season.

So, was there anything worthwhile to take from the Bears’ loss? Only that the secondary might be as bad as we all feared. I know I just said preseason football means nothing, but Bills quarterback Trent Edwards completed all 10 of the passes he threw. That’s pretty darn good. Or pretty darn bad if you’re a Bears fan.

At least one preseason game is done. As the baseball season gets more frustrating here in Chicago, I’m waiting eagerly for the start of football games that really count.