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What the Seattle Seahawks think of the Bears

It’s always interesting to learn what sports experts in other cities think of our Bears. If you visit the Web site of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, you’ll uncover a preview of the Bears. And what do the fine minds in Seattle think? Well, they have the feeling that new quarterback Jay Cutler will improve the Bears offense. But they’re not sure if the Bears are going to win anything anyway.

The newspaper points out the Bears’ obvious flaws: The offensive line is a weak, and relying on aging, injury-prone Orlando Pace probably isn’t the smartest move. The wide receivers stink. The loss of Tommie Harris and Charles Tillman for the first month of the season, at least, will stress an already questionable defense.

It’s hard to argue with any of this. Some Bears fans are blinded by the arrival of a real quarterback. We haven’t seen many of those here in Chicago, after all. But even a rifle arm isn’t enough to disguise the Bears’ real problems. My prediction? 9-7, again. And no playoff berth, again.

Bad news for Tillman, Bears

There was just too much good news surrounding the Bears lately. They picked up new quarterback Jay Cutler, somehow. They found a new offensive lineman with past Pro Bowl credentials in Orlando Pace. And then came the news that both Brian Urlacher and Tommie Harris reported to mini-camp looking hungrier and trimmer than ever.

You just knew the bad news had to happen. This is the Chicago Bears, after all, a team that’s managed to win just one SuperBowl, a squad where wide receivers and quarterbacks seemingly go to die.

That bad news came this morning: Veteran defensive back Charles Tillman is out indefinitely after having back surgery.

Yes, this is serious bad news. The Bears’ defensive backfield is already a disaster. This injury leaves it even shorter on talent.

It all means one thing: Cutler’s going to have to throw an awful lot of touchdown passes.

A forgotten key: Nathan Vasher

I found an interesting blog post at about Bears cornerback Nathan Vasher. It reminded me of how important Vasher might be to this Bears’ season.

Unless, of course, he’s not. Which is a possibility, too.

It was just two years ago that the Bears rewarded Vasher with a heap of money for a nice season at the cornerback position. You might remember watching Vasher intercept passes and harrass wide receivers on a regular basis.

It’d be nice to see this again from Vasher. Since getting his money, Vasher has been either injured or ineffective.

But what if he bounces back? He’d certainly strengthen a questionable defensive backfield. With Charles Tillman on one side and a back-to-form Vasher on the other, life would suddenly become difficult for NFL quarterbacks.

There’s a nagging doubt, though: What if Vasher’s good seasons were the flukes? What if he’s more like the player of the last two years, an inconsistent defender plagued by injuries?

We’ll find out this year. And if we don’t see much from Vasher, get ready for some shootouts at Soldier Field.