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Bears lost in the shuffle on a busy day

Yesterday was a busy day for Chicago sports, and none of it involved the Chicago Bears.

The Blackhawks signed Detroit star forward Marian Hossa and center John Madden from the New Jersey Devils. Both players should be great additions to a young team on the rise. Meanwhile, the Bulls got worse, losing Ben Gordon to the Detroit Pistons. I know Gordon had some serious shortcomings on defense, but who, exactly, is going to score for the Bulls now?

On the baseball beat, my White Sox continued their recent hot play, beating the Indians 6-2 to take their fourth series in a row. It was also the sixth straight win for the Sox. I’m sure the Cubs did something, too, but I’m not interested in whatever it was.

It was interesting to see a day where the Bears didn’t at least merit a semi-big story. It’s been a busy offseason for the Bears. And besides the fact that it looks like there’ll be no Plaxico Burress on the way, there wasn’t much else to report from Halas Hall.

The Crosstown Classic — and all we care about is the Bears

This started out as a fairly promising baseball season. The Cubs were supposed to run away with their division. The White Sox, while troubled by more questions, were at least supposed to be serious contenders in theirs.

So far, though? Neither team has done anything to make their fans proud. The White Sox are struggling along with a losing record. The Cubs, thanks to being in a truly awful division, are definitely in contention for their divisional crown. Problem is, they’re only at .500.

And this week, these two mediocre teams meet in the annual Crosstown Classic. This is usually a big deal. But this year it’s hard to get fired up. I already know the White Sox, the team I root for, isn’t doing anything this year. And I have the feeling that the Cubs, whom I hate, are going to win their division just because it’s so awful. They’ll then flame out in the playoffs.

So instead, my thoughts are with the Bears. In fact, if I could speed up the baseball season, have it end tomorrow, I would. Bring on football season!

Does bad baseball have you hungry for the Bears?

A radio host asked the question yesterday: Does the fact that this baseball season hasn’t exactly been great for either the Cubs or White Sox, make you yearn even harder for the start of the Bears season?

The host had a point. The Cubs are supposed to be World Series contenders — again — but haven’t looked the part. Their offense has been sluggish, their bullpen terrible and their run of injuries amazing. The Sox, my team, has been even worse. They’ve already been shut out a league-leading eight times. That’ll happen with a boom or bust offense.

And there is real excitement around the Bears this year. The team has a far more experienced crew of assistant coaches. And, of course, they have new quarterback Jay Cutler.

But you know what? I don’t think it really matters what the Cubs or Sox do. People in Chicago are always eager for the start of Bears season. The Cubs may be ultra-popular, but Chicago truly is a Bears town. When the Bears are good, you can feel the vibe in the city.

So I think we’d be hungry for the start of Bears season even if both the Cubs and White Sox hadn’t been so disappointing.