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Is the Urlacher-Cutler tiff over? And why are the media such simpletons?

I’m a writer for a living, a newspaper and magazine writer. So I know how sucky most of the members of the media are. And we saw a great example of this during the whole Brian Urlacher-Jay Cutler tiff.

The moment it came to a head to me was when Urlacher was addressing a throng of reporters. He made some lame joke about his and Cutler’s relationship while denying that he ever called the new Bears quarterback a … sissy.

The thing that bummed me out was that the reporters surrounding Urlacher laughed their asses off at the linebacker’s comments. Problem was, they really weren’t funny.

Urlacher isn’t exactly a gifted comedien. The guy can barely string together two sentences in a row. So why were the press members laughing like Urlacher was Seinfeld in his prime?

The same thing used to happen with Mike Ditka all the time. Ditka would spit out some lame joke and the reporters surrounding him would practically wet themselves they thought it was so funny. It’s kind of nauseating.

Look, Ditka might have been a good coach. He might have been a total jerk. But he certainly wasn’t what you’d call witty.

So how about it, media members? Why not grow some backbone? Next time some lunkhead who really hates you — as Urlacher does — tosses a lame joke your way, how about you not treat him like the next Don Rickles?

Urlacher again proves himself to be a pud

I’ll admit it: I’ve long thought Brian Urlacher is an ass, even before his play on the field began slipping. I cringe every time I hear him grunt through an interview, making a poor reporter’s job nearly impossible. I hate reading about his nasty relationship with the mother of his child. And I absolutely despise the way he implies that fans have no idea what professional football is all about.

Now there’s a red-hot story saying that Urlacher told former teammate Bobby Wade, now a receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, that he thinks new quarterback Jay Cutler is a … well, let’s just say Urlacher said “sissy.”

Urlacher denies saying this. I guess we’re supposed to believe that Bobby Wade just made all this up out of the blue.

Maybe Cutler is a, ummm…, sissy. But he’s also the Bears’ best chance to reach the SuperBowl. Urlacher was once a dominant player. That has changed. Today he’s a good player. He’s no longer a Pro-Bowl quality player, though.

So, who’s more important to the Bears now, Cutler or Urlacher? A strong-armed quarterback can take a team to the Superbowl. A top linebacker can help a team get there. There’s a big difference.

It’s time, then, for Urlacher to shut his mouth. Cutler may be a sissy, but there’s no way Urlacher’s getting back to the SuperBowl as a Bear without the quarterback’s powerful arm.

Which Chicago sports team will win a title next?

Sports fans love to make predictions: the White Sox will trade Paul Konerko. The Cubs will fall short in the NL Central this year. The Bulls will make a terrible pick in the NBA draft.

One of the more intriguing guessing games today, though, centers on the Bears. The question is: Which Chicago team will next win its league champsionship? Most fans usually pick either the Bears, bolstered by this summer’s signing of quarterback Jay Cutler, or the Blackhawks, fueled by all that young talent.

If I had to wager a guess? I’d go with the Blackhawks.

Here’s what fans forget about Cutler and the Bears: The Denver Broncos didn’t win the SuperBowl with Jay Cutler as their quarterback, and the Broncos have a supporting cast that’s every bit as strong as — or maybe stronger — than the Bears have.

Don’t get me wrong; Cutler is a huge upgrade at quarterback. He had a great season last year. But to believe that Cutler will lead the Bears to the SuperBowl, you have to think that the Bears were just a quality quarterback away from making it back to the title game. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to be true.

The Bears’ defense, despite its reputation, is weak. The receives are terrible. The running game is thin. And the offensive line doesn’t rank as one of the game’s elite. The Bears have above-average tight ends and a darn good punter. Is that, combined with a ProBowl-caliber quarterback, enough for a championship?

I don’t think so.

What happens if Cutler goes down?

The Bears Gab blog had a frightening post the other day: What happens to the Bears offense if Jay Cutler should suffer a serious injury?

Why, it’d leave the offense in the hands of Caleb Hanie.


Now, Caleb may be a perfectly fine quarterback. He may be the next Henry Burris. We don’t know because Hanie has hardly played.

It’s scary, though, to think of how little depth the Bears have at this crucial position. Cutler doesn’t have a history of injuries, but in this league, any player can get injured at any time. An injury to Cutler just might doom the season.

Just what the Bears need, another tight end

Maybe Jerry Angelo doesn’t know the difference between tight ends and wide receivers. But yesterday, the Bears signed tight end Michael Gaines to a one-year deal. You can read about the move in this story by ESPN.

That makes five tight ends on the roster. And still no wide receiver who’s worth much.

According to the ESPN story, Gaines is a better blocker than a receiver. That sets him apart from Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark, the Bears’ two other primary tight ends, both of whom are strong receivers but a little weak in the blocking department.

My guess is that Gaines will stay on the roster, along with Olsen and Clark, of course.

Now, maybe, the Bears will address their wide receiver problems. I sure hope so. If they don’t, new quarterback Jay Cutler might have a long season.

Angelo impressed by receivers. Really?

Let’s hope Jerry Angelo was lying. But in a story on the Bears house organ,, Angelo says that the Bears receivers have impressed him at rookie minicamp.

Really? Late-round picks at wide receiver rarely turn out well for the Bears. I have a feeling that quarterback Jay Cutler’s going to wish he had some real stud receivers to throw to this year.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m predicting a 10-6 finish and a playoff appearance for the Bears this year. But I’m not convinced that any of the receivers currently on the Bears roster are going to make defenders take notice. The best receivers on the team are still Greg Olsen and Desmond Clar, both of whom are tight ends. They both happen to be pretty good receivers, but they’re not the speed burners on the outside that teams really fear.

The hope, of course, is that Devin Hester shows further development as a speed receiver this year. But last year, his greatest talent seemed to be drawing the pass-interference penalty. That was with Kyle Orton’s weak arm, though. Maybe with Cutler Hester can become a weapon.

I don’t know, though. I think this offense will be much improved this year. But I still don’t expect it to be one that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents.

Bears need a top-form Urlacher, too

Brian Urlacher is a jerk. Listen to him talk to the media and you can tell: This guy is an a-hole. He doesn’t seem like he’s going to win any father-of-the-year awards, either.

Despite this, he’s been the face of the Bears for years. Maybe this is why the team hasn’t won the Super Bowl since 1985: It’s hard to win it all when you’re most dynamic player plays on the defensive side of the ball.

Last year, Urlacher regressed significantly. In fact, he’s been regressing ever since the Bears last appearance in the Super Bowl.

For the Bears to get back to the Super Bowl, they need Urlacher to return to the player who was an annual Pro Bowl selection. They need the Urlacher who gave opponents nightmares, who nabbed sacks, interceptions and fumbles, along with all those tackles.

Even with the addition of Jay Cutler, the Bears won’t be a championship force unless their defense improves upon its largely miserable peformance of last year. And this won’t happen if Urlacher doesn’t pressure the quarterback or grab some turnovers.

And, yes, even if Urlacher does have a good year, he’ll still be a surly, ungrateful jerk. But at least he’ll be a Pro Bowl-caliber surly, ungrateful jerk.