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Is the Urlacher-Cutler tiff over? And why are the media such simpletons?

I’m a writer for a living, a newspaper and magazine writer. So I know how sucky most of the members of the media are. And we saw a great example of this during the whole Brian Urlacher-Jay Cutler tiff.

The moment it came to a head to me was when Urlacher was addressing a throng of reporters. He made some lame joke about his and Cutler’s relationship while denying that he ever called the new Bears quarterback a … sissy.

The thing that bummed me out was that the reporters surrounding Urlacher laughed their asses off at the linebacker’s comments. Problem was, they really weren’t funny.

Urlacher isn’t exactly a gifted comedien. The guy can barely string together two sentences in a row. So why were the press members laughing like Urlacher was Seinfeld in his prime?

The same thing used to happen with Mike Ditka all the time. Ditka would spit out some lame joke and the reporters surrounding him would practically wet themselves they thought it was so funny. It’s kind of nauseating.

Look, Ditka might have been a good coach. He might have been a total jerk. But he certainly wasn’t what you’d call witty.

So how about it, media members? Why not grow some backbone? Next time some lunkhead who really hates you — as Urlacher does — tosses a lame joke your way, how about you not treat him like the next Don Rickles?