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Did 1985 Bears have the best season of any football team ever?

The 1980s Bears should’ve won more than one Super Bowl. But those 1985 Bears did just about everything right on their way to that amazing Super Bowl win.

The book is a bit old now, but Dominance, written by Eddie Epstein, is a book that every fan of the Chicago Bears should check out. Epstein’s goal was to rank the very best seasons enjoyed by the very best teams in the NFL.

Epstein picks the 1985 Bears as having the best season that any NFL team has ever had.

I can’t disagree. That was one magical season. Yes, it was nearly 25 years ago. But there was something about the way that team routinely blew out opponents — who could forget the 44-0 drubbing of the Cowboys? — or the way the players seemed to have so much fun week in and week out, that makes the 1985 Bears unforgettable.

So if you haven’t read it, check out Dominance. It’ll bring back some great memories.