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Favre changes his mind: Is anyone surprised?

So Brett Favre actually isn’t retired. Anyone surprised?

Here’s a promise from me: When I say I’m retiring from this blog, I’ll mean it. You won’t see me sneaking back in here three months later to post about the problem of grown men wearing Urlacher jerseys.

Anyway, Favre is back. And this time he’s playing with the Minnesota Vikings.

Bears fans may shrug this off. They may point to all the interceptions Favre has been throwing lately. They may point to the fact that Favre failed to lead the New York Jets to the postseason last year.

But let’s be honest: Favre, even in his reduced state of effectiveness, makes the Vikings a much better football team. As a Bears fan, would you rather see the Bears defense facing off against Favre or the Vikings’ other inept quarterbacks? If you said “Favre,” you’re an idiot.

Favre’s return certainly makes the race for the NFC North division crown even more intriguing. Right now, it’s hard to say who’ll take the top spot, the Vikings, Bears or Packers. Though if I was forced to pick one, I’d go with the Vikings. I hate to say it, but that defense combined with Favre’s arm, should make the purple squad the favorite … barely.