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Rod Marinelli has a job, but my friend doesn’t?

It’s tough to keep a job today. Unemployment is rising past 9.4 percent. Companies across the country are laying off employees in bunches.

But Rod Marinelli has a job. He’s the assistant head coach/defensive line coach of your Chicago Bears. At the same time, my talented engineering friend has been looking for work for nearly six months now.

This is an injustice. And here’s why: Marinelli went an historic 0-16 as head coach of the Detroit Lions last year. That’s abysmal. The Lions couldn’t even luck into a win last year. Meanwhile, my friend has been a consistent performer at every job he’s held. Yet he’s looking for workand Marinelli, an epic failure last year, has a nice, cushy job.

How badly would Marinelli have had to have performed last season to not get a job this year? Did he need to lost 17 games in a 16-game season? Maybe he needed drive the Lions into bankruptcy, throw a pie in their owner’s face and set Ford Field on fire?

Then again, professional sports consistently rewards failed head coaches with lucrative jobs. Look at Joe Bugel. How many jobs did the former Cardinals coach get? How about Norv Turner? Even the Bears’ sad Dave Wannstedt got the chance to coach the Dolphins after stinking it up as Bears coach.

So welcome to the NFL, where dismal is rewarded!