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When are you too old to wear an Urlacher jersey?

I think anyone over the age of 25 should never be caught wearing a Brian Urlacher jersey … except for Brian Urlacher, of course.

That goes for Lance Brigg, Jay Cutler or Brad Maynard jerseys, too.

It’s time to face the facts: You look kind of like a dork when you’re of a certain age and you’re wearing a big football jersey.

You’re not on the team. You may say “we” when you’re referring to how the Bears did in the draft. But that doesn’t make you a teammate of Urlacher’s.

Maybe this is just me, though. I’ve always been annoyed by some of the odd clothing choices that men make after hitting 25. I’ve seen them in public in sweat pants. No. This is not good.

I’ve ever seen grown men wearing shirts with Mickey Mouse or the Tasmanian Devil on them. C’mon! Mickey Mouse is a hack, for one thing. If you were cool, you’d be a fan of Bugs Bunny. And secondly, what’s a grown man doing wearing any cartoon character on his chest.

I know it’s only the beginning of summer. I know the football season is still a ways off. But a warning can never come too early. If you’re an adult male, don’t pick up that Olen Kreutz jersey. No, it doesn’t look good on you.

Did we get Tinoisamoa or Lawrence Taylor?

I’m glad that the Bears picked up linebacker Pia Tinoisamoa. He’s definitely an upgrade, and will look good playing alongside Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher.

By the way some coaches and players are talking about Tinoisamoa, you’d think he was the second coming of Lawrence Taylor.

Last year with the St. Louis Rams, Tinoisamoa was credited with 104 tackles in 16 games. He had three sacks. Both were career highs.

Those are solid numbers. They are not superstar numbers.

The Bears made a good move in adding Tinoisamoa. And I expect his numbers to go up this year. But let’s not expect too much out of the new linebacker or the Bears defense in general. This has been a lousy defense for two years running. The addition of a slightly-above-average linebacker isn’t going to change that.

The Bears a top-five team? I don’t think so

I’m a sports pessimist. I always expect the worst. Of course, I’m a fan of Chicago sports teams. More often than not, that pessimism is warranted.

I was surprised, then, to read this report by Andrew Maisonneuve at the excellent sports site bleacher report. In his post, Maisonneuve says that the Bears, thanks to the signing, mostly, of Jay Cutler, are now a top-five team in the NFL.

As much as I’d like to, I just can’t agree. Yes, the Bears finished with a winning record — 9-7 — last season with the inept Kyle Orton as quarterback. But anyone who watched that team knows that the Bears were extremely lucky to get those nine wins. They just as easily could have finished 6-10. Two games stand out, the late-season comeback wins against the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers. The Bears were severely outplayed in each game, and didn’t deseve to win either of them.

Yes, Cutler gives the Bears a new dimension. Yes, he’s an amazing upgrade from Orton. But don’t forget, Cutler’s throwing to the worst group of wide receivers in the league.

Then there’s the defense. This defense is getting older. And for two straight years, it’s been a pretty bad defense, despite the presence of Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher and Adewale Ogunleye. I don’t see these guys stopping anyone in crucial situations.

That being said, I do think the Bears, thanks to playing in a fairly weak division, will make the playoffs as a 10-6 team. But I woudn’t rank them as either a top-five team or a Super Bowl contender.

Now, if they get some wide receivers between now and opening day? That’d change everything.