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Are the Bears asking too much of Manning?

Danieal Manning will play both nickel back and free safety this season for the Bears. He’ll also return kickoffs.

The question is, Will he be good at any of these positions?

I’m sure he’ll be good at returning kickoffs. Manning is deadly fast, and proved last year that he’s nearly as devastating on kickoff returns as Devin Hester was until last year.

But I’m not so confident about Manning’s work at either free safety or nickel back. The Chicago Tribune recently ran a feature story about the number of positions Manning has been asked to play. Problem is, I remember seeing Manning get burned several times in the secondary the last couple of years.

The guy’s fast. Some say he’s the Bears’ best pure athlete. The guy just doesn’t seem to know how to cover anyone.

The secondary looks to be one of the Bears’ big weaknesses this year. I don’t think Manning’s play will change that, unfortunately.