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Did we get Tinoisamoa or Lawrence Taylor?

I’m glad that the Bears picked up linebacker Pia Tinoisamoa. He’s definitely an upgrade, and will look good playing alongside Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher.

By the way some coaches and players are talking about Tinoisamoa, you’d think he was the second coming of Lawrence Taylor.

Last year with the St. Louis Rams, Tinoisamoa was credited with 104 tackles in 16 games. He had three sacks. Both were career highs.

Those are solid numbers. They are not superstar numbers.

The Bears made a good move in adding Tinoisamoa. And I expect his numbers to go up this year. But let’s not expect too much out of the new linebacker or the Bears defense in general. This has been a lousy defense for two years running. The addition of a slightly-above-average linebacker isn’t going to change that.

Can you imagine having to pronounce Pisa Tinoisamoa?

I feel bad for anyone having to announce Bears games this year. But I feel especially bad for muddle-mouthed Brian Baldinger, who seems to call more than his share of Bears games every year. Not only does he have to pronounce Adewale Ogunleye on the few times the Bears defensive tackle makes a play, but now he’ll have to say Pisa Tinoisamoa, too.

Those are a lot of syllables rolling around that former jock’s mouth.

I’ve never been a fan of Baldinger. He gets too wrapped up in all the cliches of the game, things like momentum, and high energy and heart. I even remember him referring recently to the Bears’ very good defense, when the team’s defense, in fact, hasn’t been good since the SuperBowl year.

It’s going to be a tough year for Bears’ announcers. Remember, there’s Israel Idonije, too.

Who’s gone? Hillenmeyer, Roach or Williams?

So the Bears last week signed a new linebacker, one who’s name I can’t even try to pronounce: Pisa Tinoisamoa.

He played for the St. Louis Rams last year — poor guy — and has played under coach Lovie Smith, too. He’s certainly an upgrade over fellow linebackers Hunter Hillenmeyer, Nick Roach and Jamar Williams.

It looks, then, that one of those three will be gone next year. Who will it be? I’m guessing Hillenmeyer.

Hillenmeyer played well during the SuperBowl season. But he hasn’t done much since, and he’s never been the type of turnover-causing speed guy that Smith prefers.

Roach and WIlliams have not distinguished themselves. But they’re newer to the league. They probably have more potential.

Hillenmeyer always seemed like a smart player. He was a bit of a go-to guy for sports talk radio. But I have the feeling that we’ve seen the last of him in Chicago.