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You change the “attitude,” but defensive line still features same players

I came across this rather nauseating story at the Bleacher Report blog: Seems new Bears’ defensive line coach Rod Marinelli has changed the sign on the defensive-line meeting room at Halas Hall from “Defensive Line” to “Rush Men.”

How cute.

I wonder if Marinelli tried any of the same “motivational” tactics for the defensive linemen of the Detroit Lions. If he did, it didn’t keep them from going 0-16 last season.

These motivational techniques by grown men for grown men are a bit sickening, aren’t they? They’re silly. Spare me the platitudes of Marinelli instilling a “new attitude” among the defensive linemen. Aren’t these guys grown men being paid very well to do their job? I hardly think they need a new attitude. They may need more talent, more natural pass-rushing ability and maybe, just mabye, some better schemes (the one thing Marinelli can actually help them with ), but a new attitude? C’mon, this isn’t grammar school football here.

What really amazes me is that no sportswriters openly mock the “Rush Men” sign change. Or do the sportswriters in town think such silly things actually have an impact?

What will have an impact is Tommie Harris actually playing like the star we all thought he was going to be, or Adewale Ogunleye playing like he’s actually alive.

Sarah Palin and a grumpy Bears fan

Yesterday I wrote a rather cranky post about Rod Marinelli having a job in this terrible economy even though he failed miserably at his previous position, head coach of the Detroit Lions.

I don’t have anything personally against Marinelli, though I don’t really like those super-intense, yell-and-scream kind of coaches. I do get annoyed with football announcers, too, who can never, ever seem to admit that, yes, some NFL coaches just aren’t that good. I remember in the waning days of Dick Jauron’s time coaching the Bears; announcers would go out of their way to say what a talented and intelligent coach Jauron was, even when all the evidence suggested that he shouldn’t have been a head coach.

Today, I read a column about former VP candidate Sarah Palin. You might have heard that she’s decided to step down as Alaskan governor. She also has a book deal in the works. There are rumors that she’s going to be a TV commentator somewhere, probably on FOX News. In other words, the wealthy Palin is going to get even wealthier, for quitting on the people who elected her.

This is extremely frustrating, too. Palin seems to be a bit of dimwit. She was woefully unprepared to be a VP candidate. She’s ditching her current job. Yet, in these tough economic times, she’s going to be one of the big winners.

Is there no justice in this world? Hard-working people are laid off and fired every day. Yet failures such as Marinelli and Palin land happily on their feet. That’s why I’m such a crank these days.

Rod Marinelli has a job, but my friend doesn’t?

It’s tough to keep a job today. Unemployment is rising past 9.4 percent. Companies across the country are laying off employees in bunches.

But Rod Marinelli has a job. He’s the assistant head coach/defensive line coach of your Chicago Bears. At the same time, my talented engineering friend has been looking for work for nearly six months now.

This is an injustice. And here’s why: Marinelli went an historic 0-16 as head coach of the Detroit Lions last year. That’s abysmal. The Lions couldn’t even luck into a win last year. Meanwhile, my friend has been a consistent performer at every job he’s held. Yet he’s looking for workand Marinelli, an epic failure last year, has a nice, cushy job.

How badly would Marinelli have had to have performed last season to not get a job this year? Did he need to lost 17 games in a 16-game season? Maybe he needed drive the Lions into bankruptcy, throw a pie in their owner’s face and set Ford Field on fire?

Then again, professional sports consistently rewards failed head coaches with lucrative jobs. Look at Joe Bugel. How many jobs did the former Cardinals coach get? How about Norv Turner? Even the Bears’ sad Dave Wannstedt got the chance to coach the Dolphins after stinking it up as Bears coach.

So welcome to the NFL, where dismal is rewarded!