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Which Chicago sports team will win a title next?

Sports fans love to make predictions: the White Sox will trade Paul Konerko. The Cubs will fall short in the NL Central this year. The Bulls will make a terrible pick in the NBA draft.

One of the more intriguing guessing games today, though, centers on the Bears. The question is: Which Chicago team will next win its league champsionship? Most fans usually pick either the Bears, bolstered by this summer’s signing of quarterback Jay Cutler, or the Blackhawks, fueled by all that young talent.

If I had to wager a guess? I’d go with the Blackhawks.

Here’s what fans forget about Cutler and the Bears: The Denver Broncos didn’t win the SuperBowl with Jay Cutler as their quarterback, and the Broncos have a supporting cast that’s every bit as strong as — or maybe stronger — than the Bears have.

Don’t get me wrong; Cutler is a huge upgrade at quarterback. He had a great season last year. But to believe that Cutler will lead the Bears to the SuperBowl, you have to think that the Bears were just a quality quarterback away from making it back to the title game. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to be true.

The Bears’ defense, despite its reputation, is weak. The receives are terrible. The running game is thin. And the offensive line doesn’t rank as one of the game’s elite. The Bears have above-average tight ends and a darn good punter. Is that, combined with a ProBowl-caliber quarterback, enough for a championship?

I don’t think so.

How would you like to be a Los Angeles Clippers fan?

I sometimes feel a bit marginalized when it comes to baseball in Chicago. That’s because I’m a fan of the Chicago White Sox. And I’m one of those fans who was reared to not just like the White Sox, but to hate the Cubs.

So I do. Yet it seems, and I admit I’m paranoid about this, that everyone else in town loves the Cubs.

I wonder, then, what it must be like to be a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. First of all, do the Clippers have any fans? And if so, why aren’t they rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers? The Lakers are everything the Clippers are not: successful, fun, dynamic, hip.

I think about this, of course, because the NBA championships are going on now, with the Lakers leading the Orlando Magic two games to one as of this writing. I picture a lonely Clippers fan somewhere, hoping desperately for the Lakers to lose or, at the very least, for the basketball season to finally end.

I suppose it’d be like rooting for a new NFL team in Chicago instead of cheering on the Bears. You might remember, many years ago, there was talk from Mayor Daley on Chicago possibly landing an AFC team. Can you imagine that team trying to attract fans when so many Chicagoans dearly love their Bears?

Imagine how hard it’d be if the Bears were actually a successful franchise? I mean, this team has won exactly one SuperBowl, and has appeared in exactly two. That’s not exactly a long record of success, at least not like the Lakers.