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Why do radio shows broadcast from training camp?

I do like sports radio. But I like it best when people are yelling at each other, whether it’s hosts screaming at each other or fans and hosts bickering back and forth. It’s fun because sports is silly and stupid, and there’s nothing more entertaining than people getting riled up over largely trivial stuff.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened much this week because so many of the local sportstalk hosts are broadcasting their shows live from Bears training camp.

Why does this happen? It’s a radio show. Does it matter where it takes place? If hosts want to interview Lance Briggs about his latest traffic accident, can’t they just get him on the phone? Do they have to talk to him face to face?

I’d see if the hosts actually gave insights from the camp itself. Maybe they watch the practices in person and then report back on it. That doesn’t seem to happen much, though.

So why? Why are all my sportstalk hosts actually hanging out in Bourbonnais this week?

I hate the All-Star break

I’m a diehard White Sox fan. Even more than the Bears, I live and die with the fortunes of the Sox. It’s why I hate baseball’s All-Star game.

You get in a flow during the baseball season. You get used to tuning in the game on the car radio or dialing it up on TV. You get used to logging onto the White Sox’s home page late at night to see how they fared out on the West Coast.

Then comes the All-Star break. It all comes to a screeching halt.

That’s fine in years when your favorite team isn’t in contention for anything. But this year, somehow, the White Sox are a mere three-and-a-half games back. Of course, I know that the odds are against the Sox actually winning their division. They have too many holes. Closer Bobby Jenks is having an iffy season. Jim Thome is showing his age. Centerfield is a mess. There is no fifth starter.

Still, you never know. But now I have to wait for the All-Star break to come to a close before I get the chance to find out. And there isn’t even any exciting Bears news to keep me occupied. Sure, the Blackhawks fired general manager Dale Tallon, but that’s hardly news to keep a sports fan glued to the radio.

I keep telling myself that the break is almost over. Then it’s back to near-daily baseball again. At least until the Bears report to training camp …