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Another odd Bears jersey sighting

It happened again yesterday. I was riding my bike when I came across a middle-aged man, also on bike, wearing a Bears jersey. I think this is weird in all cases: An adult shouldn’t be wearing a football jersey unless it has his own name on the back of it.

Anyway, this guy was wearing a number 83 jersey. You may ask, who is 83 on the Bears? Well, it doesn’t matter. This 83 honored that former Bear great wide receiver David Terrell. You might remember Terrell, the former Michigan University wide receiver taken eighth by the Bears in the 2001 NFL draft. You might also remember that he sucked.

Actually, that was an understatement. Terrell makes Rashied Davis look like Jerry Rice.

So, why was this bicycling guy wearing not only a Bears jersey, but one honoring one of the team’s biggest busts in history? I blinked my eyes and expected to see someone pedaling down the street with an “Enis” jersey on.

Remember, adults, you shouldn’t be wearing the names of any Bears players on your back. You’re too old. But if you insist, try wearing a “Marshall,” “Hampton” or “Payton” jersey. At least those guys didn’t suck.